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TFM is all abut the community and getting new blood into sculpting. We offer a range of premade armatures and blanks to aid the budding sculptor achieve scale proportions.

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Great Coat Blanks

Great Coats were created by Jake777 with the advanced modeller in mind. You can create unique miniatures of your own using his parts. They are sold unpainted and require cleaning.

Great Coat Blank

Great Coat Kit: contains 3 body types and accessories sprue. Please select your kit option from those opposite.

Kit 1: $6.00

3 Great Coats and 1 accessory sprue.

Kit 2: $20.00

12 Great Coats and 4 accessory sprues.

Kit 3: $28.00

20 Great Coats and 7 accessory sprues.

Medium Wings (metal)

Medium Wings in metal


# of Pairs of Wings

Info: Cast in metal. Each pair set contains 1 left and 1 right wing. Light enough for use with 28mm resin/ plastic miniatures.

Medium Wings (resin)

Medium Wings in resin


# of Pairs of Wings

Info: Cast in resin. Each pair set contains 1 left and 1 right wing.

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NOTICE: All miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly. To see a more detailed view of a miniature please click on its picture.

Sculptor Rights: All the miniatures on this page are produced under licence. Each miniature is © 2009 their respective sculptors all rights reserved. Each sale earns the Sculptor of that miniature a 50% royalty. For more information please see the TFM FAQ