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These Box Sets contain Trollcast miniatures. Trollcast is a new spin castable plastic developed by TFM. For more information about Trollcast follow this link. These box sets work out much cheaper then our resin or metal casts.

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Armoured Halberdier Goblins (5 variants)

Random Goblin Selection

Sculpted by Andrew May.

$10 for 10

Info: This box set contains a random assortment of 10 x Trollcast Armoured Goblins, and 10 x 20mm square plastic bases. This deal works out at $1 per Goblin!

Variants: There are 5 variants of Goblin, so each box set will contain doubles (or triples).

Scale: These Goblins are (on average) 19mm from the base of their feet to their eyes (we use the eyes are the top of the helmets are variable!)

Alternative castings: If you are only after one or two goblins, and would like to choose exactly which ones you'd like, please see our metal versions here.

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NOTICE: All miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly. To see a more detailed view of a miniature please click on its picture.

Sculptor Rights: All the miniatures on this page are produced under licence. Each miniature is © 2016 their respective sculptors all rights reserved. Each sale earns the Sculptor of that miniature a royalty. For more information please see the TFM FAQ