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Ok, this is a little thing I've added to try and ease your mind and make this whole process of submitting sculpts a little easier. Nothing is set in stone 100%, but I follow these guides very closely.

Ed Fortae

Q: How is my Intellectual Property (copyright) handled?

A: Your minis are YOUR minis. I mold them and cast them for you. When and if you want them removed I do so. No questions asked. I'm an artist myself and I value the rights of artists.

Q: What type of contract do you use?

A: There is no written contract that you have to sign. When you formally submit a miniature to TFM via the forum, or email, for casting and sale; you are giving me permission (granting a licence) to carry out that process. The written evidence of your permission is your submission. You can withdraw your permission (terminate the licence) at any time via email. No questions asked.

Q: How do I get paid?

A: I use PayPal and tend to send lumps in the $50 range unless unless requested otherwise.

Q: Do I pay for materials?

A: No. I pay for the molds, and resin myself. I do everything for you except sculpt your piece.

Q: Can I get casts for myself?

A: Yes. I work out a deal with you on numbers before we even agree to send the miniatures. I also pay to ship your stuff back.

Q: Can I get my greens back?

A: Yes. I always send originals back and 99.9% of the time they are returned in perfect condition. If a miniature is going to have problems I'll say so before you even send it.

Q: How much do you take?

A: After doing this for a little bit I decided 70/30 is a fair split. I'll use this example: If TFM sells your mini for $5 you'll get $1.50. This covers my costs (mould making, raw materials, electric, paying off the machines, etc. and invest in future sculpts) and to make a profit similar to yours ;)

Q: How are prices set?

A: I make your items sell at reasonable prices even if that means I get next to nothing for them. If you want a certain price we can decide upon that as well.

Q: Why do you do this, you must make a lot of money?

A: I make next to nothing off this system. I do it because I am an artist myself and I see many people with talent and skill who might never get a chance to produce their own miniatures because of money. Lets face it, this is not an easy career or cheap process. Most sculptors work for someone making $200-300 per miniature and that is the end of things. I want to provide sculptors another option. An option I would have liked to had. One where the sculptor builds up a portfolio of miniatures that they earn money from on a regular basis. An investment in their own work.

Q: How long does it take to mold my miniatures?

A: That depends upon my workload. I do everything myself right now from casting all the way down to writing text for the web site and moderating the TFM forum. I do it as fast as possible but with out sacrificing mold quality. I take pride in making some of the best molds around.

Q: How fast are my casts made?

A: I use a fast setting resin and so can do a single mold 4-6 times in an evening. I work full time as well so most of my casting is done at night. I always place sales ahead of free casts and if there are several molds for a miniature it should go fast. 1-2 days max. If you have one mold and want 50 casts it is going to take some time, might even be 1-2 weeks. I there fore recommend you make variations of your miniature so we can do several at one time.

Q: What bases do you use?

A: I use the bases from my own line with your products so there is no need to make bases of your own. I give customers the same options with your miniatures as I do with my own.

Q: How do I become part of the team?

A: Everyone who has their sculpts in our store become part of the team. To submit a miniature to TFM for sale in your store is fairly simple; join our forum and post some pictures of the miniature you wish us to consider in the submissions forum. If the miniature is up to standard, and interesting, Ed will contact you.

Q: What type of miniatures do you accept?

A: All submissions must be original sculpts, and cannot be copies of another's work (infringe copyright), or infringe on another's IP (Intellectual Property).

Kits for modifying other miniatures, or my own, are allowed - but you must be sure not to infringe IP.

Bases, and terrain, are also accepted. However I tend to be a little tougher on these as there are a lot of manufacturers out there already saturating the market.

A sure fire way to get approval is to submit a well sculpted, and interesting, miniature. Preferably something not provided by other companies.

Thanks again everyone and I hope this helps answer a few of your questions. If this FAQ does not answer your question/s, please contact me via the contact form. It can take a week, or more, for me to get back to you. So please be patient.

Ed Fortae (aka Hive Trygon)

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