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Troll Forged Miniatures (TFM) was set up by Ed Fortae to help new sculptors break into the business. He also wanted to make sculpting a fairer business to be in, offering to cover the cost of mould making and a share of the sales in a form of a royalty. This way a sculptor can build up a 'bank' of miniatures that earn money with each sale.

Ed FortaeIn practice this works be selling miniatures sculpted by our forum members. Our community is constantly growing, with new miniatures being released all the time. You can find all the latest releases over in the news section or via RSS. If you wish to become more involved, please join us in our forum. You are also welcome to visit us in person at our store;

Troll Forged Miniatures
1023 S Duchesne Dr
St Charles, MO 63301

Best Wishes,

Ed Fortae (a.k.a. Hive Trygon)
Founder of Troll Forged Miniatures.

The TFM Process

The Forum: It all starts here. The forum is a place where new sculptors can get feedback on their sculpts, learn new techniques, encourage others, get motivated, and hone their skills.

Each sculptor posts their ‘works in progress’ on the forum, collects feedback from other members, and makes adjustments based on that feedback before finally presenting the finished sculpture: the ‘green’ (as most are made with ‘green stuff’) to the rest of the community as a submission.

All the sculptors working to get their miniatures cast by TFM are referred to as the 'Sculpting Collective'. If you are interested in submitting sculpts to TFM, please read 'The Sculpting Collective' and 'FAQ about joining TFM' for more info.

The Blog: Once the miniatures have been forged in the forum, assessed and OK'ed by members, it's photos are posted on the blog to alert all customers. Photos of the finished green are taken by the sculptor and these are posted on the blog as 'teaser green' to whet the appetite.

These greens are then sent to Troll Forged Miniatures where Ed (Hive Trygon) makes master moulds from them before casting up the resin miniatures. Ed then takes photos of the first resin casts and posts these as a 'preview' on the blog, and at the same adds the miniature to the store so they can be purchased right away.

The Store: This is where you can buy the miniature. All sales are via PayPal, but you do not need a PayPal account to buy as the cart will accept credit cards.

Ed handles all the sales and casting.

Each sale earns the sculptor a royalty. These royalties do not run out, and produce an ongoing ‘income’. This allows a sculptor to build up a ‘miniature bank’ where all their collected sales are earning them income. In many ways it’s kinda like the publishing world’s ‘Print on Demand‘ service providers but for miniatures. Troll Forged is the first ‘Cast on Demand’ service or ‘COD’ for short.

Once the miniatures are painted up by the HellSwords (TFM's painters) the full release is posted in the blog as a 'final release', and then promoted on other sites.

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