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Pricing for company clients. These services are for companies who wish to outsource their production to Troll Forged Miniatures, and make use of our exclusive Trollcast material. The pricing reflects large production runs, i.e. a full range, or Kickstarter.

Trollcast is gaining industry acceptance, and has been used by Red Box Games and Impact Miniatures for their Kickstarter campaigns.

TFM, and all production, is based in the Missouri, USA.

Troll Forged Miniatures
1023 S Duchesne Dr
St Charles, MO 63301

If you run a miniatures company please contact Ed about outsourcing your production to TFM using the contact form.

The following price lists can be downloaded as a PDF.

Trollcast Services
Trollcast production List Cost Per Unit
Master mold 9” X 1”-2” $100-$120
Production mold 9” X 1”-2” $65-$120
Master mold 12” X 1”-2” $180-$260
Production mold 12” X 1”-2” $110-$220
Trollcast units
9” X 1” molds $5.00 per spin
9 X 1.5” molds $5.75 per spin
9 X 2” molds $6.50 per spin
12 X 1” molds $7 per spin
12 X 1.5” molds $7.75 per spin
12 X 2” molds $8.25 per spin

We recommend masters from metal for most molds allowing us to get the maximum units per mold for your spin fee.

Units are models or parts of the same type per mold. Molds with mixed figures or “family molds” will be charged the spin fee on top of the casting rate. This means a mold of 16 figures containing 8 of 2 different types will be charged a rate of $0.30 per cast with an additional $0.50 spin fee. We also have color effects which can be added at an additional charge. The common color will be a dark gray. Masters and molding below for other applications to create a Trollcast system.

Metal Product List Cost Per Unit
Master mold 9" X 1”-2” $100-$120
Production mold 9" X 1”-2” $60-$120
Low temp 9" X 1”-2” $80-$150
Master mold 12” X 1”-2” $120-$250
Production mold 12” X 1”-2” $110-$220
Low temp 12” X 1”-2” $150-$220
Pie mold 9” X 1”-2” $40-$60
Metal masters $26 per pound and a $2 spin fee
Metal casts 28mm $20 per pound with a $3 spin fee
Metal casts over 28mm $2.00 per ounce

Mold cost varies dependent on complexity and thickness of mold required for parts or patterns. Most simple figures use a $60 production mold. Metals included in this price range is a lead free tin base.

Resin Services
Resin Product List Cost Per Unit
Resin master mold $30-$40 per pound
Resin production mold $20-$30 per pound
Resin masters $2.00-$5.00 per cast
Resin casts 28mm $1.50-$2.00 per cast
Resin casts over 28mm $3.00 per ounce

Misc. Product List Cost Per Unit
Resin dye $1.00 per ounce
Bases 20mm-25mm square or round $20 per 150 bases
Epoxy putties Cost/ product list on request

I offer many optional services and products not listed in this guide. Please feel to ask me any questions or other issues that might not be included. I also offer package options and discounts for those requesting several services. Unless requested all metal castings are lead free. All resin casts are white in color unless requested. Resin dye is added to 24oz of resin to provide a consistent color.

All figures measured from bottom of feet to eyes. A standard 28mm figure will be 28mm posed from bottom of feet to the eyes. Some exceptions may be made but this is the general rule for measurements. I also can remaster issues with originals during the molding process. Not all figures or originals can be used more than one cycle.

All goods remain property of TFM until payment is made in full. A deposit of half the estimated quote is required prior to any job to obtain supplies for said client. Molds can be shipped to client after payment in full upon request. Some goods have limited shelf life and must be discarded if unused and TFM is not responsible for unused product and waste. We reserve the right to charge 5% interest on all work established by the customer is they fall behind agreed terms and conditions. We are not accountable for delays due to the client.

If you have any further questions please fill in the contact form.

Download PDF of the above information.