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TFM casts miniatures sculpted by our forum members. The forum is a place where independent sculptors aiming to have their work cast up by TFM gather. It is a place to swap ideas, brainstorm concepts, and show off 'works in progress' and submit the finished sculptures. The boards are arranged as a 'conveyor belt', a step by step process, of producing greens for submission to Troll Forged Miniatures.

  • All sculptors should read the FAQ before considering TFM, and posting their first concepts/ WIPs or submissions.

  • The first board is 'concept design', and this is the place to brainstorm concepts for future miniature projects with other members of the collective. It is also the place to form alliances with other members with an aim to co-operate on larger projects, and organise how it will be all managed (on an ad-hoc basis).

  • The second board is for posting 'concept sketches' of concepts that have been thrashed out in the concept design board. This is the place to gain feedback, and for other members to offer their critique, of the design. This is a good place to catch flaws, resolve confusing aspects, and to catch possible copyright issues.

  • The third board is the meat of the project: 'Works in Progress', this is where the sculptors post snaps of their current state of their sculpts for all to see and to chip in with comments and support. The collective is a friendly place, as all the sculptors have a vested interest in Troll Forged being successful and therefore all the other sculptors taking part are on the same 'team'. Once the works are finished and the final 'green' is produced, they are sent to Troll Forged for casting.

  • The fourth board 'Submissions to TFM' is where sculptors post their finished works for submission to TFM . Only mods can reply to submission posts.

  • The fifth board 'Commission and Schedules' is all about, um, submission and casting schedules! TFM posts updates to notify all as to what stage of the process various submissions are at. This is the place to see what is happening to your green. For more information about submission please read this FAQ: 'FAQ about joining the team'

  • The sixth board of the Sculpting Collective is the 'Troll Forged Miniatures Gallery', which shows off the finished resin casts produced by Troll Forged from the submissions of the Sculpting Collective. As you can see from the pictures the casts are high quality, professional, and do justice to the sculptors work.
This is the end of the Sculpting Collective creative process, but it is not the end of the community support! Once the greens are submitted we are onto the beginning of merchant process and the physical side of things is handled by Troll Forged. The new casts are then offered on Troll Forged online store (and the greens returned to the sculptor once the master moulds are made). You can paint up your minis for the store pictures, or chat to other members who may be willing to paint them up for you (the 'swords' do a fair bit – Icesword and Nightsword, along with Hellric).

The important point to remember is that we are a community, and promotion and grass roots support is down to us. The community supports Troll Forged - we are it's Ad-Men and it's champions, we are it's fans! This is more than just a business and unlike business buzz word use of the word 'community' to drive sales, Troll Forged really is a community with interaction and participation (that's how you can tell the difference), and is as much a movement, a grand experiment in new ways of doing things, as it is a business.

All in all we hope you enjoy your experience as a part of our community, and that you realise your sculpting ambitions with TFM!

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