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Revolutionary new spin cast material by TFM. We are offering a new casting material called 'Trollcast'. What makes it so special is that it is a plastic that can be spun cast. Trollcast is a custom mix containing high impact polystyrene, and brings all the benefits of plastic production and quality (cheap, strong, fast production) without the initial high cost of tooling up traditional plastic injection machines (which can run into thousands of dollars!).

Trollcast will replace both metal and resin in our range.

Industry: The cost of metal has sky rocketed, pushing up prices across the industry (with even the big players turning away from metal). Resin is good, but it turns out that Trollcast is far better.

Trollcast is gaining industry acceptance, and has been used by Impact Miniatures, Raging Heroes, and Red Box Games for their Kickstarter campaigns. If you run a miniatures company please contact Ed about outsourcing your casting to TFM.

Specs: Trollcast is a hard (75D) heat resistant plastic. It is much harder, and tougher, than our resin (which is very high quality). Trollcast can withstand 320F, and can handle prolonged exposure at 150F with ease (so our Australian friends should not have any problems during the summer). It can be super-glued together, and takes standard miniature paints.

Safety: Trollcast has no special safety precautions, the dust in non- carcinogenic. However: all material dusts will irritate the lining of the lungs, and make existing conditions worse, so we recommend wearing a dust mask. Better safe than sorry!

Trollcast is safe to heat. Unlike many plastics (PVC etc.) it does not give off toxic vapours. Heating Trollcast to 320F is safe, and a good way to soften the material in order to reposition parts (then plunge into cold water to set).

Cleaning: A release agent is applied to the mold to ease separation, and will need to be cleaned off the miniature before gluing and painting. Ed recommends a dilute solution of Pine-Sol (in the UK Philip thinks it's the same as Brown Dettol - needs confirmation - use at your own risk if in the UK!).

Glue: The best glue for Trollcast (once cleaned) is Cyanoacrylate or more commonly known as Super Glue.

Variant: Ed has also developed a clear variant of Trollcast, which contains even more high impact polystyrene. Trollcast-clear is a direct replacement for resin in traditional low volume boutique resin casting. It will be used for larger scale sculpts (garage kits).

If you have any further questions please post in the forums, or fill in the contact form